Media Library

So bootlag, streaming, and downloading Anime has always been an issue for the industry.
And many sites just don\’t care about the repercussions.

I would like to showcase some lesser known, unlicenced, or public domain Anime.
If I mistake any work here for being uncopyrighted, please contact me and I will remove the title immediately.

This library serves to broaden one\’s understanding of what Anime is and showcase some great artists.

Please support these creators in their recent projects.

Anime Titles


Angel\’s Egg (天使のたまご – Tenshi no Tamago) 1985

This film was a collaboration between Yoshitaka Amano and Mamoru Oshii, both legends in their respective medias, this film is a masterpiece of animation that more should see.

The film, which was never released in North America I don\’t believe has any copyright licence can be watched here. You can also purchase the Japanese Blu-ray on Amazon.


Osamu Tezuka Works

Known as the \”Father of Manga\”, he is famous for such works as Astro BoyPrincess Knight, and Black Jack.
I\’ve found a few of his short films online and will add more as I watch them.