Recently watched Rom-Com Anime

My wife and I love a good rom-com Anime.

As repetitive as this genre may be with similar tropes and cliches, it’s interesting to see the ones that do it well, which are relaxing and refreshing to watch.

I love the humor in these types of Anime, usually over the top and awkward; it’s the only way I can digest a romantic story.

Here are some ones we’ve been watching recently:

Aharen-san wa Hakarenai

Just started watching this one recently, and I think this series is more of a satire on the romance comedy genre and doesn’t take itself too seriously. Aharen-san is a quiet, socially awkward girl that befriends her equally awkward classmate, Raidou.

They\’re an odd pair and every interaction they have includes over the top gags.
The humor is dry and silly and sometimes makes little sense.
I found myself, however, laughing despite how stupid the gags were.

The episode about rap and fidget spinners was ridiculous. No words can describe.

Some may find that the humor may lose its appeal after a few episodes. Their really isn’t much of a story and supporting characters are annoying or under developed.

I also found it odd/funny how no one in the class calls out their ridiculous antics in the classroom, as if they’re the only two people present. I still recommend checking this one out, but don’t expect a deep romance comedy here. Just ridiculous antics.

My Senpai Is Annoying

My wife really enjoyed this Anime. It\’s rare in the rom-com genre to have characters not be in high school. She likes when a series is about older characters that she can relate to.

Futaba Igarashi is a 23-year-old businesswoman who often gets teased by her senior co-worker Harumi Takeda for her small stature.

Their relationship is cute but you’ll often find yourself yelling at the screen “just get married already”. This is part of the charm to series but can be agitating.

I liked the humor in the show and didn’t find it over the top. The Supporting characters are well developed and found myself drawn into these secondary story-lines more. Recommend watching.

Recovery of an MMO Junkie

This is another Anime my wife really likes. As with the previous title, the characters ages are a little older and not set in a high school. It’s nice to find some romance Anime that’s targeted more towards Anime fans that aren’t teenagers and need stories we can relate to.

The story follows Moriko Morioka, an unemployed NEET with a love for MMO’s. She dives into her online life as a different persona and limits her contact with the real world.

While still very humorous, this series has more serious story development and illustrates the pros and cons of enveloping one’s self in an online world.

While I found that the Anime had a somewhat satisfying conclusion, the Manga was never finished as the creator Rin Kokuy┼Ź had to stop because of their health. Me and my wife enjoyed it all the same and recommend it for anyone looking for a romance not about adolescence but about the struggles of dating in your late 20’s or early 30’s.

I didn’t feel like writing huge reviews for each of these but thought they were worth mentioning.

Just an update that I am still watching Anime though not as much as I would like. Should have some longer reviews coming soon, once I watch more and I\’m not feeling lazy.

I watched these shows on Crunchyroll, not a paid advert, it’s just been the best option for Anime recently.

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